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— Maddie

Madison "Maddie" Rooney is one of the protagonists from the Disney Channel sitcom, Liv and Maddie. She is the Girls' Basketball Team Captain and a student at Ridgewood High. She moved to California in "California-A-Rooney" when she got invited to go to the top college in California. She has a twin sister named Liv Rooney and two younger brothers: Joey and Parker Rooney. 

She is portrayed by Dove Cameron.



She has a tomboyish attitude, the complete opposite of her sister, Liv. When it comes to sports, Maddie works her hardest to win and becomes super athletic. Although the twins are best friends, Maddie sometimes rejects what Liv wants her to do, such as trying out her "Perfect Pumps" in "Shoe-A-Rooney". However, after she gets addicted to them, she wants nothing more than to walk around in heels. Maddie is also sometimes stubborn with sports and daily life.


She has blonde hair with some darker blonde streaks visible. She usually ties it in a ponytail, however, when in special occasions, she lets it down straight. She has fair skin and blue eyes. Maddie is 5'2 feet tall. 


She is into basketball and other sports, as well as sneakers.



Her twin sister is Liv Rooney, who is also her best friend. She is the daughter of Karen and Pete Rooney, who both work at Ridgewood High as staff members. Her younger brothers are Joey and Parker Rooney. She is usually annoyed by their behaviour and she once got trapped in Parker's tunnels. She also found out about the Parker Tunnels when she needed her library book to graduate high school, which Parker took to be the house balance. 


Her best friend is Liv, her sister. However, she is close with Willow and is currently dating Diggie Smalls, formerly dating Josh Willcox.


In "Skate-A-Rooney", when Miller White text-dumped Liv, she suggested Liv to humiliate Miller. In the end, when she tells Liv that Miller apologized, she stopped Liv from hammering Stanley, a wooden skateboard. But when Miller said he lied, then Maddie cut off his ponytail.



  • She wears glasses most of the time. 
  • It was said in an episode she was younger than Liv for 2 minutes. However, in another episode, it was said she was older by 2 minutes.