Quote But what about 'Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice'?! Quote2

— Liv in "California-A-Rooney"

Olivia "Liv" Rooney is one of the main protagonists of the Disney Channel sitcom series, Liv and Maddie. She is a famous actress who starred in VoltageSing It Loud! and other films of Hollywood. She returns from Hollywood to Wisconsin after filming her most recent film, Sing It Loud! to be in home again. Liv has two younger brothers: Joey and Parker Rooney. She is quite popular when she returns, since many people took pictures of her in front of her house, and in school.

She is portrayed by Dove Cameron.



A diva and girly girl, she is the complete opposite of her twin sister, Maddie Rooney. She is super energetic when it comes to acting and party planning. She is sweet and has a strong dislike for sports and bugs. Liv is also very paranoid of insects and other bugs. 

Liv loves her job, which does cause her to be a bit selfish and have too much pride in herself. 

In "Shoe-A-Rooney", Liv even broke her favourite thing to save her sister from getting to addicted to heels. 


She has curly blonde hair with darker blonde streaks in her hair. Her eyes are bright blue and has fair skin. She is about 5'3, with her heels she is around 5'5. 


She is into heels and fashion.



She is the diva daughter of Karen and Pete Rooney. Her sister is Maddie Rooney, who is the exact opposite of her, but still great friends. Her younger brothers are Parker and Joey Rooney, who both annoy her. Liv dislikes the fact that Parker's tunnels accidentally sucked Maddie into the school. Liv dislikes Joey's pesky behaviour. 

In "Grandma-A-Rooney", her grandmother's name is confirmed to be Janice, and that Janice has a twin sister named Hilary. 


She is close with her sister, Maddie. Liv discusses her secrets to Maddie. Liv performed in a band with Willow, Andie, and Holden (who Liv has a crush on). She also acts with Josh, who likes Maddie.


Her former boyfriend, Miller White, is a famous skateboarder. When Liv found out that Miller was only using her, she was about to break Stanley, a wooden skateboard that Miller built when he was eight years old. She is also enemies with Kylie Kramer.


  • Dove Cameron's actual height is 5'2, while Liv appears to be 5'5. 
  • Dove's "non-biological" name is Dove Cameron, and that middle name is "Olivia", which is Liv's full name.